Criminology is one of the social sciences and involves a broad range of study which includes other social sciences like psychology, sociology and human geography for example. Criminology is cross disciplinary and this makes it a fascinating and complex body of subjects and perspectives.

Crime itself is a broad subject and, apart from all the different forms of crime, there are studies in victimology, criminal justice and also the study of offenders and offending.

At the University of Gloucestershire, for example, you can study Criminology through undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. On these pages we focus on areas of criminology which are relevant to the aims and workings of criminal justice – forensic criminology.

In this part of the site we will look at some of the projects and research which our forensic and homicide students are interested in, and update on the forensic investigation activities, especially our ‘crime days’ where students enter simulated crime scenes to learn about crime scene processing and the process of major investigations.

Please look at this book which was written to support our forensics courses. We will be writing a second and developed edition this year so keep your eyes open for it:

We will also update on the projects undertaken by the Homicide Research Group (HRG).

Our last project was with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and Protection Against Stalking. We published research exploring the relationship between stalking and homicide. You can see our report here.


HRG are involved in a number of projects including writing up case studies for bereaved families, the dart project, conferences, research and more.

28th September 2017

Today was the first forensic crime scene processing lecture with 150 students! We went through basic crime scene protocol and talked about some high profile cases. Another group of really insightful and committed budding criminologists.

Tomorrow will be the first HRG meeting of the year and so much to catch up on from last semester, and some new work. We will be discussing the official launch of the Centre for Learning and Innovation in Public Protection (CLIPP) which will be done in partnership with the Conference on Coercive Control.

     See their twitter page: @CCCBuryStEd
     and their magazine!

We are looking at early June 2018 and will post details on this blog.

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