From next week we will be publishing a news page within the DART app. We will update this page regularly with media stories and comment, news on campaigns, new research, and relevant information related to homicide, stalking and coercive control. We will send a notification to all DART users when the news page is updated.... Continue Reading →


The Centre for Learning and Innovation in Public Protection will formally launch this year at the University of Gloucestershire. We are partnering with the Conference on Coercive Control (@cccburysted) to hold an event which will show some of the key innovations and latest thinking in responding to coercive control, stalking, and domestic homicide. The event... Continue Reading →


We are talking on BBC Radio Glos tomorrow morning about the DART app. It's brilliant to have the opportunity to talk about victim safety and raising awareness of domestic abuse and homicide. BBC Radio Glos have covered many of the issues with domestic abuse, stalking and domestic homicide over the years, and have certainly supported... Continue Reading →


I have been studying the histories of intimate partner homicides for about five years. I have looked at hundreds of cases, and tracked the behaviours of the killers, and the characteristics which point to high risk. I have spoken at length with families bereaved by homicide, I have interviewed killers, and women who are only... Continue Reading →


Today we were able to offer the DART app for just 99p on the iOS and Google Play stores. DART has over 500 pages of information and guidance, for professionals or anyone interested in finding out more about coercive control, stalking and domestic homicide. We are constantly improving and developing the app and new research... Continue Reading →


The statistic of two women killed by their partners or former partners every week in the UK is almost certainly an underestimation. For example, just recently we have seen the first conviction for manslaughter of a man who pushed his former partner to suicide through stalking and abuse which became intolerable for her and created... Continue Reading →


We look at homicide cases from many different angles and perspectives, and for different reasons. For example: we are helping a family establish whether the death of their daughter was a homicide and not natural causes we are working with a national charity to help another family with a similar problem we are giving expert... Continue Reading →


The Homicide Research Group (HRG) at the University of Gloucestershire partnered with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and Protection Against Stalking┬áto publish some interesting research looking at the behaviours of men who kill their partners. We looked at 358 cases where women were killed by men to identify the most common behavioural characteristics in those homicides.... Continue Reading →

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