Today we have taken on the review of a stalking homicide which happened a number of years ago. We aim to gather data to enable us to analyse what happened, and whether current knowledge and practices would potentially have revealed the danger this victim was in. We are talking to family members and looking at... Continue Reading →


Research is increasingly establishing the link between control and serious harm or homicide. People who employ controlling tactics in their relationships to subjugate the will and choices of their partner, are significantly more likely to resist separation. It is this aspect to domestic abuse which creates the risk of serious harm or homicide to partners... Continue Reading →


Intimate partner homicide is more common than even the statistics suggest. We need to start taking it much more seriously. The homicide timeline based on research into many cases reveals the determined nature of the killers. They don’t just snap - they plan. The research is alarming. Timeline will be on this site as soon... Continue Reading →


New reforms which change the presumption of child contact came into force this week. Judges must now consider whether contact would put the mother or child at risk where there is domestic abuse or violence. The most dangerous characteristic in any domestic abuse is coercive control; it is more predictive of serious harm than violence alone.... Continue Reading →


From next week we will be publishing a news page within the DART app. We will update this page regularly with media stories and comment, news on campaigns, new research, and relevant information related to homicide, stalking and coercive control. We will send a notification to all DART users when the news page is updated.... Continue Reading →


We are talking on BBC Radio Glos tomorrow morning about the DART app. It's brilliant to have the opportunity to talk about victim safety and raising awareness of domestic abuse and homicide. BBC Radio Glos have covered many of the issues with domestic abuse, stalking and domestic homicide over the years, and have certainly supported... Continue Reading →


I have been studying the histories of intimate partner homicides for about five years. I have looked at hundreds of cases, and tracked the behaviours of the killers, and the characteristics which point to high risk. I have spoken at length with families bereaved by homicide, I have interviewed killers, and women who are only... Continue Reading →

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