Homicide Timeline

  So many exciting things happening with the Timeline which I will update on as and when I can. What I can say is that there is really strong interest from police detectives and I am doing advanced sessions with some police forces around evidence, narrative and risk, using the timeline research. We have also... Continue Reading →

Homicide Timeline

The Intimate Partner Homicide Timeline is an innovative way of looking at the way risk increases in cases of coercive control and domestic abuse. It plots eight key stages as a journey from when two people meet, to one of them killing the other. Each stage presents opportunities for intervention to avoid homicide. The Timeline... Continue Reading →

Homicide Timeline proves compelling for professionals

I have been busy recently presenting my homicide timeline research at a number of professional conferences and events. The response has been fantastic with professionals keen to use the findings which structure intimate partner homicide as an eight stage journey. Professionals, including police officers, probation officers and stalking specialists have been using it in their... Continue Reading →

Criminology students in our new crime house

  The forensic investigation courses have started at the University of Gloucestershire with the opening of the crime house. Policing and criminology students will be able to work in simulated crime scenes, learning practical and investigative skills. CCTV throughout the house allows lecturers to monitor student's progress. Students report that the infamous crime days continue... Continue Reading →


Q. When is a murder not a murder? A. When it is not recorded as such. I am currently working with three families who have suffered the loss of a daughter in circumstances which raised their suspicion about the cause of death. In all three cases the only person present at the time of death... Continue Reading →


Press release statement shared on behalf of the parents of Michael Hampshire. Inquest into the death of Mic Hampshire "Our beloved son Michael Hampshire was murdered by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan on Sunday the 17th May 2015. The inquest into his death was completed today and the Coroner returned a verdict of "Unlawful Killing".... Continue Reading →

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