Homicide Timeline Webinar

The Homicide Timeline Webinar will be happening on the 10th June between 1100 and 1300. Everyone who has expressed interest in the online training and sent me their email address will receive an invitation to the webinar. If you are interested please make sure I have your email. Those of you who gave me Twitter... Continue Reading →

Homicide Timeline Online Training

It is a fact that even before the Covid-19 lockdown there was an increase in domestic homicides. There has been another increase during the lockdown and sadly I predict this will continue. It’s important to recognise that the lockdown is not creating abusers, it is however bringing them out of the shadows. These homicides are... Continue Reading →

#Hidden Homicide update

This project becomes more complex and fascinating the longer it goes on. We are looking at cases where there has been a sudden death, but even though there are circumstances that raise the suspicion of homicide, there is no formal finding or recording of homicide. This may be for various different reasons, and it’s those... Continue Reading →

Homicide Timeline Research Published

The Homicide Timeline Research was published this month and is proving useful in understanding how risk and threat escalates in cases of coercive control and intimate partner stalking. I have attached links to a short film I made for HMPSS explaining the research in brief - it's about ten minutes long. Also a link to... Continue Reading →

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