A family statement

This is going to be my parents press release statement which I am sharing on their behalf and want people to be able to see and read 😔 💔 Inquest into the death of Mic Hampshire Our beloved son Michael Hampshire was murdered by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan on Sunday the 17th May 2015. […]

Launch event and conference! 12 June!

On the 12th June at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham we will be officially launching the Centre for Learning and Innovation in Public Protection. Running with the event will be the hugely successful Conference on Coercive Control. Please keep this date in your diaries and we will post details as they develop. * Homicide […]

Aylesbury Women’s Aid and Bucks County Council conference

Today I presented my new research which is the Intimate Partner Homicide Timeline at the Aylesbury Women’s Aid and Buckinghamshire County Council End Violence Against Women conference. The timeline seemed to resonate with many of the professionals there, and this is the best result you can get from research – that it is relevant and […]

DART training

We will be offering Dart training sessions at the University of Gloucestershire over the next few weeks. The sessions last 4 hours and focus on coercive control, stalking and Intimate Partner Homicide. We will cover risk assessment, the journey to homicide, and best use of Dart. The sessions are suitable for professionals from any agency […]

Staffordshire Police Coercive Control campaign

Staffordshire Police focuses on the issue of Coercive Control in a media campaign recently and the University of Gloucestershire was a key supporter. These videos were produced to raise awareness of the importance of coercive control as a pattern of behaviour in domestic abuse.

A busy week

The Homicide Research Group started two new projects this week. First we have partnered with the Hollie Gazzard Trust to begin research into the problems experienced by women who have to work in close physical contact with people who may concern them. Hairdressers, personal trainers and waitresses for example may find themselves harassed and in […]