Visit to An Garda Siochana in Ireland

Across two weeks we have visited Ireland to present the eight stage Homicide Timeline to the Gardai at their training facility in Templemore as they have recently introduced legislation which criminalises the pattern known as coercive control. We had a wonderful reception and the Timeline resonated with many experienced officers. The genuine interest and insight from the attendees reflected the importance given to the subject by the Gardai, and as is often the case, individual officers were able to recognise their own cases within the Timeline. We look forward to visiting Templemore again in the near future.

Whilst there we were fortunate to meet with the family of Clodagh Hawe who was murdered in August 2016 by her husband Alan Hawe. He also killed their sons, Liam aged 13, Niall aged 11, and Ryan aged 6. It was a particularly brutal and cruel killing both in its planning and execution. The family are campaigning for the full facts of the case to be revealed to them, and for legislative change.  We were also able to meet again with Kathleen Chada who lost her two sons, Eoghan aged 10, and Ruairi aged 5, when they were murdered by her husband Sanjeev Chada in 2013. Kathleen is campaigning for the introduction of Domestic Homicide Reviews in Ireland.

We were all able to meet together, along with Margaret Martin the CEO of Women’s Aid Ireland, for a special edition of Claire Byrne Live programme on RTE. The programme focused on the murder of Clodagh and her sons, and is a harrowing but crucial look at coercive control and family annihilation. We must give more status to the offence, to the victims, and to their families. This would be a first step to acknowledging that these offences are a public health issue which requires our attention. People are dying.

you can access the full programme here



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