Advanced Training

On Friday we were invited to present the Homicide Timeline to a multi-agency group of professionals for the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Forum. It was a really good day and so brilliant to see such an insightful and skilled room of delegates. So many stories and experiences which resonated with the timeline.

The Homicide Timeline has strong relationships, not only to risk assessment and perpetrator profiling,  but to investigation and prosecution.  We are developing this into policy and practice with police and other professionals, and providing advanced training to detectives and others. We have provided materials for the National Probation Service and to Psychology Services. It’s relevant to all.

On Monday we fly out to provide advanced training to detectives from the Garda Siochana.   The principles and model really are applicable and relevant in any jurisdiction.

For further information on training, and the advanced training contact us through this page, through the University of Gloucestershire or directly to Dr Monckton Smith at




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  1. Dear Jane. I am a practicing probation office and would very like to do the homicide timeline online training course. Please advise as to where and when I can register. Regards.
    Carol Jones


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