The Homicide Research Group started two new projects this week.

First we have partnered with the Hollie Gazzard Trust to begin research into the problems experienced by women who have to work in close physical contact with people who may concern them. Hairdressers, personal trainers and waitresses for example may find themselves harassed and in close contact. We will be learning how they handle these situations and consider ways in which they can stay safe, and ways in which employers can help.

We have also started a review into the murder of Clare Bernal, who was shot at her place of work in 2005 by her estranged partner, who then killed himself. We are completing this in partnership with Clare’s family, and will consider what could be learned from Clare’s death and whether there have been changes in the time since she died to our understanding of stalking and the way we respond.

In the coming weeks we will begin research with AAFDA looking at the role of specialist advocates in cases of homicide.

This week, Dr Monckton Smith worked with a production company to contribute to a new documentary focusing on Coercive Control and homicide.

There will be a conference held in early June 2018 which will focus on the work of the Homicide Research Group and work being held in the Centre for Learning and Innovation in Public Protection (CLIPP) at the University of Gloucestershire. We will be jointly working with the Conference on Coercive Control.

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