Today we have taken on the review of a stalking homicide which happened a number of years ago. We aim to gather data to enable us to analyse what happened, and whether current knowledge and practices would potentially have revealed the danger this victim was in. We are talking to family members and looking at documents to aid our analysis. We will also include this case in our research into the homicide timeline. It will be interesting to see if anything has changed, and if the history in this case mirrors current cases. With permission from the family we aim to include our findings on this page, as well as in the homicide timeline research paper.

I am also acting as an expert advisor to two homicide review panels looking at two stalking homicides. There are remarkable consistencies in many of these deaths which we can learn from to help make victims safer in the future.

The Homicide Research Group at the University of Gloucestershire are currently analysing a number of homicides to inform our research into predicting risk. The students in HRG are from all levels and are passionate about change and raising awareness. They are doing fantastic work and the group is open to all university students studying criminology. Look out for our conference planned for early June where we will launch the Centre for Learning and Innivation in Public Protection (CLIPP)and present some of our research and case studies.

Dates and speakers will be published on this blog. Alternatively, to find out more about studying criminology at the University of Gloucestershire, or to find out more about the DART app or the conference, you can contact the University directly:

Contact University of Gloucestershire

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