I have been studying the histories of intimate partner homicides for about five years.

I have looked at hundreds of cases, and tracked the behaviours of the killers, and the characteristics which point to high risk.

I have spoken at length with families bereaved by homicide, I have interviewed killers, and women who are only alive through sheer luck and the skills of medics.

I have talked with professionals working with high risk cases and I am working with families who are still trying to get the deaths of their daughters recorded as homicide.

From all this experience and data, and the application of criminological theory,  I have put together a typical timeline for an intimate partner homicide. It’s really fascinating and could help professionals and others recognise potential danger.

Too often we hear that victims of homicide felt they weren’t being taken seriously prior to their deaths. This research shows how a homicide unfolds and puts events into a predictable timeline. I am writing this research up right now, but it’s so important I will be sharing the basic messages and stages as early as I can. I hope to put the timeline onto the DART app very soon. We really must try to prevent these homicides happening.

Watch this space…


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    1. Research is written up for publication but I think the interim findings are so important that we will be sharing them after peer review in a basic form. Happy to share and happy to take peer review of the interim findings if you are interested.


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