Our work is in homicide prevention, and it is both a truly exciting and harrowing area of work. With my colleagues, I am involved in case work, research, expert reports, lecturing, training and reviewing. In this blog I will talk about our work and our cases to highlight what we do, and to further the cause of homicide prevention.

From a research perspective, we know lots about people who kill, but unfortunately myth and misinformation dominate both public and professional beliefs about murder.

Homicide trials can often have a tabloid feel where self-interested killers are pitted against victims who have no voice. This method rarely reveals the truth. We routinely get a perpetrator dominated story of the violence which then influences future policy and practice.

The work is summed up for me in the words of a Victim’s Commissioner I was talking with at a conference. She said of domestic homicide;

‘I have never had so many jaw dropping moments as when I got involved in this work.’

I feel exactly the same way.

We are currently working on live cases of homicide, and where possible we will give updates. We will also comment on cases in the news and the impact of Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs).

We often work with other professionals, and charities as well as conducting research. Some of this work is done with the Homicide Research Group at the University of Gloucestershire where there is a specialist Centre – The Centre for Learning and Innovation in Public Protection. We have events coming up in the future which we will update you on, and ongoing development of the DART app.


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