The Homicide Research Group (HRG) at the University of Gloucestershire partnered with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and Protection Against Stalking to publish some interesting research looking at the behaviours of men who kill their partners. We looked at 358 cases where women were killed by men to identify the most common behavioural characteristics in those homicides.

In those cases where there was a relationship (of any kind) between the killer and the victim we found that stalking and controlling behaviours were consistently present.

This strongly suggests that stalking and controlling behaviours should be better understood so that they can be identified early, and responded to effectively. Our research also suggests that domestic homicides are rarely spontaneous, and are, more often than not, planned.

This is not the way they are often understood in media, or even in the courts. If domestic murders are planned, there may be opportunity to intervene, which makes recognition of the stalking and controlling characteristics even more important.

See the report HERE

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